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Merry Christmas + A bomb on the job

& our Christmas & New Years closure period

· Merry Christmas,About Us

We hope you and your family are doing well and have a fantastic and Merry Christmas! We’ve always loved receiving Christmas family newsletters in the past and enjoyed the read, so we thought we’d do something similar on our A Man At Hand family business this year. 2017 in review…..

A bomb on the job

When writing up the job hazards for our tradesmen, we never thought we’d need to consider the risk of encountering a bomb on a job site! In September whilst lifting some old pavers at a property in Quinns Rocks, we found a rather unusual looking item.

A quick look by Leon and then a few calls to the authorities. Certainly an unusual sight to see the bomb squad and police in the local Quinns area on a nice day!

All is well and it has been removed by the authorities.

Team + Partners mid-year Pool night

A few times now we’ve had a mid-year social evening as a team, along with husbands/wives as a nice get together. This year we enjoyed dinner and then a little competition with a few games of pool. We started with a ladies table and gents table, moving onto winning ladies playing winning gents and then mixing up the team genders.

The losing gents also played the losing ladies... The result >>> Leon and John got beaten by Natalie and Lyn. We are clearly talented at our jobs not at Pool!

A sneak peek behind the scenes

We are a little different to most small trade businesses in that our administration team do A LOT and really minimise the office work for the fellas. This is a good thing! They are really the “Women behind the Men” in our business. They keep our guys on the tools as much as possible, enabling them to help more clients. On more than one occasion Natalie has been asked if she is Leon’s wife! Nope, she has her own fantastic hubby!


You might not realise that we run a virtual office team, with Natalie and Lyn working from their own homes and our business mostly paperless. We’ve done this now for over 2.5 years and it has been a massive success for the business, to our team’s personal lives and in various ways, enabled greater contribution to the local community.

Bras At Hand for charity - $1661 raised

If you missed our massive campaign in June… We raised $1661 in June for Breast Cancer Care WA with Leon and John both wearing bras for the full month. We’ve got videos, photos and news clippings on our Facebook page and website blog (if you missed it).

For everyone out there… check your boobies and your bodies! Men and young women too! Every month.

Christmas & New Years closure period

We will be closed (office & trades) from 12pm on Thursday 21st Dec until 7th January. Then back to ‘business as usual’ from 8th January 2018.

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