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Fallen fence, a roof leak or water damage?

We can help.

Home maintenance projects can be expensive and daunting. However, while we tend to take care of our nice, expensive things, most of the time we skip maintaining routine tasks on our homes.

A Man At Hand is a professional and reliable property maintenance that builds a mutual trust relationship with our clients while making sure maintenance is properly done around your home.

Whether you have fallen or damaged Colorbond fencing, Hardie fencing or pine-lap fencing, we are happy to fix your fallen fence for you. We can also help with short term temporary fencing, retaining and paving reinstatement.

We also do roof repairs, ceiling repairs, plaster repairs, trench drain installation, water damage repairs, patio repairs and gutter cleaning. Just to name a few of our services.

Enhance the quality of your home life and keep your home functioning properly in order to improve the quality of your daily life. Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once, let A Man At Hand take care of you and your home.

A Man At Hand is definitely worth your time and money. As a safe haven, your home needs its routine tender loving care which is best given by A Man At Hand.