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Locks & Security

Locks & Home Security
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning, to realise your wallet, purse, computers, iPads, other devices and personal items are missing? That someone was in your home whilst you slept. This is not a pleasant morning wake-up experience. 
Home security and installation of deadlocks to windows and doors
Are you concerned about the security of your home, particularly at the approach of a holiday season? The installation of deadlocks to windows and doors will help in reducing the risk of being robbed. 
We've put together a few resources to help you with the installation of deadlocks to your home: 
  • Leon's DIY video on how to install a deadlock to a sliding window. 
  • Locks and Security information for landlords on the Department of Commerce Minimum Security Requirements. 
How we can help...
If you are concerned about the risk of cracking the glass in your windows and doors when installing locks, or don't have the skills, then we would certainly love to help you. Please contact us on 1300 931 340 or for your custom quote. 

We are a licensed locks installation agent and consultant, authorised by the WA Police. We are also an established property maintenance business with appropriate experience and skills to install hardware. Some service options are:

Security Compliance Inspection

A security compliance inspection to determine if a property is compliant or not, and if not, provide the minimum installation requirements to make it compliant. 

Lock Installations

We can install new locks and replace existing faulty locks across windows, sliding doors and entry doors. We are experienced in many different types of doors and window locks and can order keyed alike lock sets through our supplier. Contact us for more information and for a quote on your lock needs. 

We are a licensed Lock Agent, Consultant and Installer, licence #50338. 

For Landlords - New minimum levels of security

On 1 July 2013, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 commenced. The changes include a list of the locks and devices that must be installed in leased premises to make them reasonably secure. For more information go to and refer to their fact sheet.

Lessors had until 1 July 2015 to comply.

Suitable repairer

The Residential Tenancies Act 1987 defines a suitable repairer as a person who is suitably qualified, trained or, if necessary under any written law, licensed or otherwise authorised, to undertake the work necessary to carry out the repairs.

Licensed security installer

The Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997 provides that only a licensed person is authorised to carry out the activity of, for remuneration, installing locks prescribed for the purpose to prevent unauthorised entry to a place.

These requirements are regulated by the Western Australian Police and are in place to provide appropriate security and safety to the public. The WA Police have a vigorous process to ensure only suitable people are cleared to hold this licence. The fines in relation to unauthorised contractors carrying out this work are substantial.

Beware: Many people doing this work are not licensed

Licensed security lock installer
What security must be installed


Main entry door:

  • deadlock; or
  • a key lockable security screen door that complies with AS 5039-2008.

All other external doors:

  • deadlock; or
  • if a deadlock cannot be installed, a patio bolt lock; or
  • a key lockable security screen door that complies with AS 5039-2008.


  • Windows to be fitted with a lock, whether or not a key lock, that prevents the window from being opened from outside the premises.

External lighting:

  • An electrical light at, or near, the main entry and is operable from the inside.
Please contact us on 1300 931 340 or via email. We would love to chat with you about your works.
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