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Garden Retic Service

Keep your lawn alive & retic operating

After not being used all winter, the retic system can get clogged up with ant’s homes and other debris. It is important to flush the retic system to avoid any blockages.

The Water Corporation provides:

  • Make sure you regularly replace back up batteries.
  • Check the system is correctly programmed for your watering days.
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How we can help...

Retic Test and Set Service

  • To test retic system and identify any faults
  • To set dates and times for auto run
  • Any additional works will be quoted on completion

Retic Service & Minor Repairs

  • Retic system check, flush pipes, change battery, set controller days/times, plus minor replacements to sprinklers and poly if needed (up to $50 materials value)
  • Report/quote for any further works that may be required/recommended

Landlords, did you know?

The Department of Commerce provides that “The lessor/property manager is responsible for maintenance to any garden reticulation system… unless your tenancy agreement states otherwise.”
Maintaining the reticulation system will help ensure you attract the best tenant for your property. Many tenants simply don’t know how to properly check and maintain a reticulation system.

We Can Also Help With...

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If you require anything further, please contact us on 1300 931 340 or via email. We would love to chat with you about your works.
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