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Pergola & Patio Repairs/Maintenance

Over time the sun, wind and rain will deteriorate the condition of your patio or pergola. For timber structures this might be rot in the timbers that have been exposed to water damage. For steel structures this might be rust in the beams and connections.
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In some scenarios the patio/pergola structure is fine, however there are issues with the gutters or fascia that the structure is connected to. In all of these instances the structure will likely need to be supported with props, the rotten/rusted parts removed and new beams/members installed.
This type of work starts to get beyond the capability of the typical handyman, however might be considered too small for a builder. This is where we fit in well and have the skills, tools, people and experience to do this type of work. We have props for supporting the structure, we have a team of tradesman, so we are readily able to schedule 2 people to the job and we can do welding, if required, to steel beams.
We would love to help you, so please do contact us if you have any concerns about the integrity of your patio/pergola, or require any maintenance.

We Can Also Help With...

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If you require anything further, please contact us on 1300 931 340  or via email. We would love to chat with you about your works.
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